If you have been contacted by the police, accused of a crime or arrested anywhere in Utah, whether it be a felony, misdemeanor, or minor traffic offense, exercise your right to remain silent and contact my office today!

I handle all criminal defense matters. As a former deputy prosecutor, I am more able to know if the case against you is strong or weak. Many of the cases filed by the prosecution have unique problems such as bad evidence, unwilling or bad witnesses, or perhaps even potentially unusable evidence due to constitutional violations. If I were in trouble with the law, I would want an experienced lawyer to handle my case.

The criminal court system can be a complicated journey involving many procedural stages, including:

  • pre-arrest investigations
  • arraignment/initial appearance
  • bond issues
  • preliminary hearing
  • discovery issues
  • motion hearings
  • status reviews – pretrial conferences
  • bench or jury trial
  • sentencing
  • appeals
  • bench probation issues
  • supervised probation issues
  • orders to show cause
  • evidentiary hearings

If you need a skilled criminal defense attorney to help you at your DUI hearing or any other criminal matter, contact me today.