I have been arrested. What should I do?

Say nothing. Ask for an attorney to be present for any questioning. Speak to a family
member to arrange bond so that you can get out of jail, if necessary. Do not speak to
anyone about the case except your attorney.

There is a warrant out for my arrest. Should I turn myself in?

Yes. However, first call a bondsman and make arrangements to get out of jail. Also, hire an
attorney to represent you. It is almost always easier to hire an attorney and arrange for
bond while you are still out of jail.

My child was arrested. What should I do?

The first thing you should do is hire an attorney who works in the area of juvenile law. The
juvenile system is a cross between the criminal system and the civil system. Because it is
so specialized, it is a particularly complicated area of the law.

Someone I know has been arrested. What should I do?

When someone you know is arrested, you should contact an attorney immediately to
protect their rights. That person has the right to be arraigned quickly. At an arraignment
hearing, a judge will tell that person what he/she is being charged with and will set bail.
Most people choose to post bail using a bondsman, which means they pay the bondsman
a small fee and he posts the large bond. Your attorney can contact a bondsman for you,
or you can go to the bondsman directly.

I got a DUI. Can I get out of it?

If you are arrested for a DUI, you should always contact an attorney. Even if you think you
are guilty, sometimes an attorney can find ways to have the charge reduced or altogether
dismissed. In Utah, a first offence for DUI requires certain mandatory sentencing provisions.
It will always be on your record. It is imperative to ask an attorney about your chances to
win or reduce a DUI charge before you go to court.